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Basement Water Proofing Service

We offer basement waterproofing services as per the requirement detailed to us by our clients.
Dampness and moisture in the basement can lead to the development of mildew and mold. This can eventually decompose the base, Though interior waterproofing can avoid the water leakage in cellar, it only slightly prevents the interior of the partitions from getting harmed. This can damage the paint of your wall, and also damage the insulation. Basement exterior waterproofing takes care of your walls inside by avoiding water leakage. Waterproofing basement walls involves digging earth from around your home's foundation. Some products of waterproofing are either sprayed or fixed in sheets.
Since, we understand that Waterproofing of basement is a big job and an expensive and hence we are committed to deliver our clients with services in an accurate manner. We offer these services at reasonable price to deliver our clients optimum satisfaction.

Building Waterproofing

It is our intent to make our client’s life easier by addressing all of their waterproofing needs and ensuring their buildings stay water tight. We have a team of experts who offer Building Waterproofing services using sophisticated technology to keep building dry. We realised that the most of the damages were due to ingress of water into the structure.
We are completely devoted contractors for the waterproofing jobs.we provide our clients with most reliable and effective waterproofing solutions. This service is commonly used when:
Internal floor levels are lower than external ground levels
Neighboring structures or properties are constructed at different levels

Expansion Joint Water Proofing Service

We are Cleaning the surface from dust, mortar splashes loose materials etc to get a sound concrete surface. Repairing of all cracks and honey combing with epoxy putty or rich cement sand mortar admixed with waterproofing admixture. In case of cement mortar repairing sealant treatment should start after 28 days of repairing. Expansion Joint Treatment Clean the joint with wire brush, nylon brush and air if possible. Filling polystyrene based back-up rod in the joint to hold the sealant.

External Walls Water Proofing Service

We have a solution that without breaking of plaster of external walls we can give a waterproofing solution by application of paint. We also use elastomeric paint, polyurethanes, polysulfides and polymers of various companies for external wall waterproofing.
Surface preparation and applying hydrophobic, breathable sealer treatment that impregnates deep inside the surface due to low surface tension and is resistant to the alkalinity of cement plastered surface. The treatment will bridge the hairline cracks and prevent ingress of moisture and capillary condensation on the surface and increase the life of the paint. It will also prevent the hairline cracks from becoming more visible due to accumulation of dirt and give better bonding to the paint. Impregnation with oligomeric alkyl alkoxy.

Swimming Pool Water Proofing Service

We provide Swimming Pool Waterproofing to clients in order to prevent pool from any sort of damage.
Our company provides all types of waterproofing for swimming pools so that all edges are sealed and no leakage occurs, which saves damage from water to the underlying structure. Our experts use coating, which converts hard and rough pool to smooth and slip resistance swimming pool. We provide this service to make client’s pool aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean.We offering world class waterproofing service at reasonable price. Due to best quality and cost effectiveness, our waterproofing service is preferred by numerous clients.

Terrace Water Proofing Service

We are involved in offering Terrace Water Proofing services to construction industries. We offer Terrace Waterproofing Service of international standards.
The services offered by us is long lasting and find application in new and old buildings, terrace. We take care of all the pre-requisites before undertaking the waterproofing of the terraces. These are done as per the requirement of our clients bearing in mind their specifications.

Water Tank Water Proofing Service

Our Water Tank Waterproofing service includes internal waterproofing for over head waterproofing tank and external wall waterproofing.In internal waterproofing for tank, we cover internal and external structural membranes with a layer of quality cement mortar. This is carried out by a team of professionals, which follows streamline methodology that includes breaking RCC surface, curing and preparatory work such as hacking out loose concrete cover. In external wall waterproofing, we apply one coat of primer and two coat of elastomeric waterproofing coating on the prepared surface as per approved shade and color to avoid leakage of water.

Waterproofing Consultancy Services

We have in depth expertise in offering valuable consultancy services to our clients to address their requirement of waterproofing. Leveraging on our team of expert consultants, we are devoted to every detail of the planning and implementation of crawl space and basement waterproof systems, foundation waterproofing and structural repair.
About National Waterproofing

We are cement and chemical based waterproofing contractors/ applicator. We are authorized applicator for Structural waterproofing, specialist and consultant.

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